At Marsh Calls, we believe that a meticulously crafted call or decoy can connect generations of outdoorsmen bringing together the experience and wisdom of an old man with the wide-eyed wonder of a young buck on their first hunt. With each call or decoy that leaves our shop, we strive to uphold time-honored traditions as well as adding that personal touch to make every one unique. Each call is handcrafted to create a one of a kind sound and aesthetic worthy of any hunter's lanyard.

A life spent working a farm, as well as a professional baseball career, has afforded me the opportunity to be outside as much as possible. A short hunt in 2004 with a long time call maker inspired me to try my hand at making my own. With nothing more than a lathe, determination and many failed attempts my first call finally came to life with a few raspy quacks. Since that day, with the encouragement of friends and family, I have continued to improve my skills and strive to make each piece better and more unique than the last.

Now we are excited to be able to offer these one of a kind calls and decoys to you.  We hope you become part of the Marsh Calls Family by adding one to your collection.